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Lan’s Flower Farm Inc.

Uses sustainable and bee-friendly growing methods with over 700 varieties of containerized perennials, groundcovers, Daylilies, Hostas, Ornamental Grasses, Roses, Hydrangeas & Shrubs.
We offer one of the largest selections of perennials and are one of the largest flower farms in Syracuse NY!

Whether you are seeking some flowery inspiration from our meticulously cultivated perennial gardens spread throughout our picturesque property; need information from one of our friendly and expert staff members on plant growth and landscape design; or are ready to fill your trunk with the finest sustainably grown flowers in the Syracuse NY area!

At Lan’s Flower Farm we carry a large variety of Astilbes, Daylilies, Hostas, Ornamental Grasses, Roses, Hydrangeas and Shrubs as well as an enormous selection of the most popular and unique perennials around. We are wholly committed to the environment by using 100% recycled plastic pots and creating our own exclusive soilless planting mixture from locally produced mulch, sand, and compost.

Family business

Committed to customer satisfaction

Lan’s staff members have a combined 50+ years of experience in horticulture, landscape design and perennial knowledge. Lan’s Flower Farm is dedicated to helping each and every customer with any and all questions they may have about plants, including plant growth, form and habits, as well as and landscape design.


Selling over 700+ varieties of containerized perennials

  • Natives
  • Deer Resistant
  • Groundcovers
  • Ornamental Grasses
  • Ferns
  • Rain Garden


Selling plants to both wholesale and retail customers

Lan’s Flower Farm Inc. is a family-owned perennial nursery located 13 miles north of Syracuse, in Clay, NY. Check out our Catalog for all plants grown and stocked in our nursery, along with photos of our most popular items. Contact us for information about our available wholesale perennials! Remember to visit Lan’s, the finest of flower farms in Syracuse NY, for all your perennial needs!

We are open 9 am – 6 pm M-Sa & 9 am – 5 pm Su, April 15 through October 31 weather depending.

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